You can add an additional height of 25mm – 50mm (1″ – 2″) to the floor. You said you’re already going to use the carpet in your greenhouse, maybe you can find uses for the underlay out there, for maybe cushioniong certain places in there. This would save you the expense of buying it. With so many laminate flooring underlayment alternatives to choose from, deciding on which one is right for you and your project can sometimes be a challenge. Laminate flooring comes apart as easily as it goes together, but the edges are fragile, so you have to disassemble a floor carefully if you want to reuse the boards. ... Oh and you might need fresh underlay but it would be worth asking on your local freecycle board as quite often folks need just a little out of a second roll of the stuff and have it lying around. If you mean at the centre where its most used then you might want to take the gamble. ANSWER: Laminate flooring comes apart as easily as it goes together, but the edges are fragile, so you have to disassemble a floor carefully if you want to reuse the boards. Depends what you mean by "lifting". You can do this for both concrete or wood subfloor types. We’ve had an email from Dan: Hi. One of the advantages of laminate flooring is that it floats on the subfloor, which means it … Can I re-use laminate flooring? Personally, I would not penny pinch on this. I saw your page about laminate floor and I wondered if you knew what I could do with the foam underlay. No reason why not to reuse,it will be fine. Make sure to take into account the thickness of the laminate and underlayment when you compute the exact height of concrete topping or cement screed to add. Acclimating laminate floors is a necessary step to ensure that the laminate normalizes itself to the normal conditions of the room. Since underlayment is designed to improve the stability and longevity of your flooring, it's important to choose the one that is best suited for your situation. Add a layer of plywood base over the subfloor. When you are removing the carpet, you must remove everything until you reach the sub-floor. Here’s a short set of instructions on how you to properly install laminate flooring: Step 1. We bought a giant roll but only used half of it. This removal is because the carpet underlay is too thick to properly support the newly installed laminate. In general, the underlay for laminate flooring is between 1mm and 3mm thick, while most carpet underlays are around 8mm to 10mm thick. I have a very good carpet 20 years old and the very good underlay has gone to powder in the last 5 years. You might get away with it but you may find that in 5 years time it powders. (and I can't be positive that it is the original floor, but this is as old as it can be) I haven't seen the entire underlay, but what I can see appears to be in good shape. What can we do with the rest? You can learn more about acclimating laminate floors in this article. As with the flooring itself, eBay or Freecycle might be the easiest options if you just want to get rid of it.. Aside from that though, I guess it could … Also as Alison Bailey said, wrapping around pipes and using it for other INSULATION purposes. Acclimate the Laminate Flooring. Quickstep laminate here is click type,laid on Sonic Gold underlay, has been moved from living to dinning room, been there nearly 6 years,you wouldn't know it had been move & relaid.