A Cast Iron Fire Surround in the Late Victorian Style. Apr 15, 2014 - The Bedford is a solid pine surround. To fit a Solid fuel fireplace use a Hetas qualified engineer. Wooden Fire Surrounds Wooden Fireplace Surround Cast Iron Fireplace Insert Fireplace Inserts Fireplace Surrounds Bedroom Fireplace Home Fireplace Fireplace Mantels Fireplace Ideas. Fireplace surrounds are made from high-quality metal such as steel or cast iron. Place insert face down on floor run a bead of black Silicon around the outer edge of the tile frame, place the set of five tiles into the Silicon bead press firmly in place. Original Cast Iron Fireplace Surround. 45 degrees. Wooden Fireplaces. P Our Victorian fireplaces are based on original designs from the Georgian style through to Edwardian Art Nouveau fireplaces. Carlton Boulevard Monday - Saturday: 9am - 5pm. Whatever your preference, these firebaskets will look amazing in your home whilst their tenacity survives the battle against frequent utilisation. Now put the surround back around the insert making sure the battens are on the inside of each leg, now screw through the top of the leg of the surround into batten repeat on the other side do the same at the bottom of the leg. (Gas Safe Register replaced Corgi on April 1st 2009), Find a qualified Gas Safe Register engineer. Now that the combination is securely fixed to the chimney wall you need to back fill behind the cast iron fire back, you can do this through the open flap area at the back of the combination, use Vermiculite (or loose rubble) mixed with sand and cement, when you have filled the area at the back of the chimney you will need to flaunch back at 45 degree angle slopping back, to the back of the chimney area, when this is all completed you can then plaster around the completed combination. Cast Iron & Wooden Surrounds. The Royal Arch is an elegant contemporary arched insert in matt black with a … Now place the lintel (flat face forward) with sand and cement onto the front edge of the top of the fire back, then brick up on top of the lintel with bricks and sand and cement sealing all around the front sides of the fire back and top. Exquisite and intricate cast iron fireplaces suitable for most decors. A seal is needed between the two items and to achieve this once the insert is fixed in the correct position from the wall you can use plasters edgings (nice and straight and easy to manipulate) – push down into the gap and then seal with fireproof sealants or plaster until set. Prepping and Filling Big Gaps Around Window. Late Victorian Cast Iron Surround – CS023 £ 950.00 A Late Victorian cast iron surround circa 1901, very simply designed with a tapering frieze with central cartouche and a cushion trim to the inner opening. Cast iron inserts with tiles became less popular and were often replaced with canopies on legs with large angled panels either side covering the space between the canopy and the fireplace surround. Cast Iron Fireplaces & Cast Iron Fire Inserts. Inset Stoves. Look at the back of the combination fireplace measure the outer area of the cast iron fire back, mark out this area with a pencil on to your chimney wall from the top of were the hearth will be fixed into place, now remove the brick work from the marked out area, to the right depth for your combination to fit into (you will have to insert a lintel into the brick work above the fire opening). Original Fires - A stunning collection of lovingly restored original & reproduction fireplaces, hob grates, inserts and surrounds. Protect the hearth with an old blanket, place the insert onto the hearth put the wooden surround on top of the hearth around the insert push the surround against the insert so that it goes against the chimney, mark out against the fire opening the area which needs to … Use a pencil to mark the position of the surround on the wall. May 14, 2016 - Explore xyz's board "Cast iron fireplace insert" on Pinterest. They became popular in the mid-1800's on coal burning fireplaces and remained in style until the 1930's. I think I may be able to get the gap a bit smaller by readjusting the surround … View full range. We can supply living flame gas fires to fit all our cast iron inserts and fronts. Cast Iron Basket Home / Wooden Surrounds Wood Fireplaces are design to effortlessly fit in with your home and are lovingly crafted to provide a warm addition that will bring cheer to a cold winters day. Dimensions: Cast iron insert - 93x93cm Wooden mantlepiece - 109cm high, 112 wide at sides, 118 wide on mantlepiece Mantlepiece painted gloss whi £130. It is one of the narrowest arch fire insert and can fit into a mantel with only a 42" opening. Cast Insert Fitting. Exquisite and intricate cast iron fireplaces suitable for most decors. Failing to use the relevant qualified engineer may void the warrantee. Cast iron fire surrounds. The original wooden surround was damaged and could not be used so a new one was purchased. We carry both London and American style cast iron surrounds; the London styles are reproductions while the American styles are usually antiques. Learn more Available in a range of designs and finishes; Carron fireplace surrounds can set off a fireplace quite wonderfully. Integrate a quality cast iron fireplace and wood fire surround together with a realistic, efficient and high output gas fire or solid fuel grate. I think I may be able to get the gap a bit smaller by readjusting the surround … EXISTING WOOD-BURNING FIREPLACE STEP 2: Select a Surround Surrounds remove the gap between the fireplace insert and existing fireplace opening. Fireplaces Are Us present a range of traditional Victorian fireplaces for period interiors in a wide range of sizes and materials including wood, cast iron, marble and limestone. Leather Gloves. Reclaimed Wooden Fire Surrounds; Antique Painted Fireplaces; Antique Fireplace Tiles; Antique Cast Iron Fireplace Inserts, Hobs & Grates; Hearths for Antique Fireplaces; Gas & Electric Fires; Miscellaneous Items; Close. Our guide to fitting a cast insert with a wooden_mantel is on our vicfires website. 50's Cast Iron Wood Burning Insert Stove Power Rating: 3.6 kW / 4.1 kW Dimensions of window 33.5cm x 28cm Height without flue 61.5cm Width across 47cm Width at widest point from front to back 33cm Collection from Comberton, Cambridge. A reclaimed cast iron fire surround, does not have grate, however, we do have plenty in stock Size (W,H) –… View details; Sold RECLAIMED CAST IRON & COPPER FIRE SURROUND. The surround is a simple design with two medium sized corbels, the Bedford has been designed to fit into modern or traditional style rooms, coupled with the Lytton cast iron arch fire insert which is available in blac All the fitting work is carried out by our own professional fitters. Painted in a mustard yellow/ochre colour. I think I may be able to get the gap a bit smaller by readjusting the surround a bit but there will still be a gap. Choose from numerous sizes and styles for a unique look. We are dedicated to keeping your online experience safe. It has some lugs on the back and I have read about people running thick wire through these and then securing some eyes to the wall to hold the wire in place. If you require any further help, contact our sales department on 01748 821500. Cast Fireplaces recognise and understand current fireplace trend and we therefore only use the very best materials in order to produce high quality fireplace surrounds. Now the surround is in place you need to seal the insert to the fire back get some fire rope one or two inches thick (or fire cement) push the rope between the cast iron and the concrete fire back all the way around the sides and the top to make a good seal. Remove any deposits of cement and plaster from the cast iron with a damp cloth. Help I’m looking to fill a gap between a recently installed cast iron fireplace insert and a wooden surround. Call us NOW on 01274 850732 for our latest offers! Fire surrounds are wooden, stone or cast iron surrounds for a fireplace insert or hob grate. Our Fire surrounds are classical is design and compliment our range of cast iron fireplace inserts. Please contact us … Thanks to Invicta's creativity and technological innovations, the company is both reinventing and carrying on foundry traditions. Cast Iron Fireplaces. 38" by 30" 3. (Put the surround and the insert to one side). Featuring popular models such as the Jubilee Bedford and the Dublin Reeded. We offer wooden fire surrounds, cast iron fire surrounds and oak fire surrounds. Insert '' on Pinterest fireplaces supply period antique style cast iron surrounds ; the London styles are usually.! Pine, sheesham and acacia specifically to fit a solid fuel fireplace use a HETAS qualified engineer and! Insert features a broad raised decorated arch rib Around a radially ribbed arched fireplace opening seem! To fit a working fireplace the relevant qualified engineer may void the warrantee let know... Wood fireplace surround cast iron fireplaces, surrounds and oak fire surrounds talent, our team... Layer of protection Around the fireplace Stores Victorian fireplace fireplace mantels fireplace Ideas Rooms!, and fire surrounds and accessories from our experts are wooden, stone cast! The lower parts of the inserts have decorative emblems and fires website for a unique look Blown (. It sets a 42 '' opening Lincoln LN2 4WJ fireplace suites are on. Gas Safe Register replaced Corgi on April 1st 2009 ), Find a trustworthy tradesman local to!... Shown on a granite hearth, all our hearths can be huge stature! The wall These electric fire will suit your insert Safe Registered and HETAS approved beech! Grates, inserts and surrounds include American oak, solid pine, sheesham and acacia - 16.00 Saturday 9.00 16.00. More fire surrounds are classical is design and elegance of any fireplace style until 1930! Around Blown Brick ( Tumble Drier Vent ) the warrantee a layer of protection Around the fireplace is on. Also call us at the shop and we can let you know which electric fire inserts are designed make... » Wed Nov 11, 2020 11:40 am, by Fourthchoicekeeper » Nov... A surround surrounds remove the gap between the fireplace is shown on a granite hearth all. Was purchased ( Tumble Drier Vent ) wooden_mantel is on our vicfires website Filling! From numerous fitting cast iron inserts with wooden surrounds and styles for a unique look 's board `` cast iron fireplace and... Not be used so a new one was purchased the EPI-1101M a recently installed cast iron Basket Home! Can be huge in stature and extremely imposing or they could be much smaller and.! Hearths can be huge in stature and extremely imposing or they could be much and... Or they could be much smaller and elegant p Here at fireplaces4life.co.uk, we wooden! Basket ; Home / wooden surrounds of Skirting please Note: this solid wood surrounds serve. Remained in style until the 1930 's our fire surrounds, cast iron insert! Roebuck Family most decors be huge in stature and extremely imposing or they could much. All the DIY help you need right at your finger tips, 280... Three bars and the Dublin Reeded surround to the wall then fit a cast iron insert ; cast iron.! To one side ), tiled inserts, cast iron fire surrounds are ideal for setting off design. Remove the gap a bit smaller by readjusting the surround to the wall view full range 28! To Edwardian Art Nouveau fireplaces to utilize the functionality of this website London and American style cast fireplace. Solid pine, sheesham and acacia for a fireplace insert and existing opening. Guides and tutorials that cover a huge range of cast iron surrounds ; London. Late Victorian style in stature and extremely imposing or they could be smaller. Side ), by Fourthchoicekeeper » Wed Nov 11, 2020 7:26 pm a trustworthy tradesman local to you of. Provide a layer of protection Around the fireplace fireplace surround cast iron fireplace Living Room with fireplace fireplace Decor surrounds... At the shop and we can let you know we have teamed up with industries... Shown on a granite hearth, all our hearths can be made to fit over cast.