These leaf adaptations result in striking plant textures. Put the soil in the container, add clay mud and water, and mix until you get the consistency of … designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Below you’ll find lots of ideas to create a perfect little indoor garden. Lots of creative inspiration here! Instead of throwing away those rustic looking tea tins, turn them into unique planters for your favourite succulents. Succulents demand well-drained soil. Check the pot to see that it has drainage holes. Indulge in beauty without big maintenance requirements by creating a succulent garden design. These leaf adaptations result in striking plant textures. You can’t get any cuter than this succulent in a tea tin. Seriously, is there anything cuter than a sweet little succulent plant? Give a more natural and rustic look to your succulent planters by working up a driftwood piece into a stunning planter. Kokedama is a Japanese method of creating hanging planter. If stones have shallow depressions that hold soil, tuck succulents into that spot for a head-turning planting. 12. Stuff the mason jar with lots of little rocks and stones for the natural look. Hang the tray with the help of threads. Driftwood Planter with Succulents. Get the dino toys and cut them from the top, fill the body of the dino with soil and plant the little succulent in the soil. Verticle gardens, wall-mounted planters, hanging planters and more! 15 AWESOME DIY Succulent Planter Ideas for your home. Get inspired by more ideas below and create your own succulent masterpiece! Today is my last project on the Walnut Hollow blog. are perfect in small planters used to create accents all around the house. 24 DIY Succulent Planter Ideas for Your Home or Patio. 13. Use stones to help build elevation into your landscape, and you’ll instantly have a natural-looking setting for succulents. 3. Plant the Container . We use cookies to improve your experience and support our mission. You can simply put them in a large planter or container and make a beautiful composition of them. Water-conserving leaves vary from leafless cactus spines, to fat and fleshy water-hoarding paddles, to pudgy beads or fingers. If you’re looking for gift inspiration, or for the next container to plant your growing family, here are over 30+ ideas to get your creative mind going. Because succulents are so hardy, it is easy to incorporate them in unusual ways, such as making them part of a piece of furniture. To create this planter, create a wide hole for succulents in a tree stump with a hammer and chisel. Outdoor Succulent Gardens Small succulents and air plants (Tillandsis spp.) Make this easy hanging succulent planter with a tray or shallow pot, succulents, threads, and candles. All you need for these stunning concrete planters is some mix, molds and your succulents. See more ideas about succulents, planting succulents, plants. Succulent plants look lovely in a strawberry pot. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program To efficiently expand succulents, you simply have to follow some simple guidelines. Many succulents form a rosette of foliage, which makes an unusual textural addition to a garden. Terrarium bowls are just perfect to use as the cutest planters for the succulent and that too in a much elegant way. Succulents possess modified leaves designed to conserve water. Nonetheless, there are a great deal of succulent planter ideas given right here in which the planters have less or no drain. Then, gently pack additional potting soil around each plant. Here is how to make it: Wash off the soil of your plant. Containers also provide the perfect space for showcasing some of the smallest succulents, many of which have outstanding foliage color or texture. PRESS ESC TO CANCEL, © 2008 - 2020 DigsDigs. I created this fun hexagon succulent planter for them from one of their wood products. Nov 10, 2015 - Explore The Shop's board "succulent pots", followed by 162 people on Pinterest. Water-conserving leaves vary from leafless cactus spines, to fat and fleshy water-hoarding paddles, to pudgy beads or fingers. Succulents are all the rage right now, and for good reason – they’re easy to look after, come in a variety of sizes and colours and best of all, they’re just so darn cute! Succulents are incredibly popular now and using such plants in your garden will give it an edge. See more ideas about succulent wall, succulent wall planter, plants. Here’s one project you can really sink your teeth into, so to speak. 22. You can cut the bottle in half or cut on side of the bottle, fill the bottle with sand. Succulents come in a variety of sizes, from tiny plants best showcased in containers to showstopping large-scale beauties, and in a variety of colors from pale green to purple. So if you want to add an air of freshness to your whole home decor this terrarium succulent planter is the best idea to elevate every nook and corner of the house with natural charm and appeal. © 2017-2020 - All rights reserved. You can make it as big or small as you like and the fact it is wall hanging will save you surface space and keep the plants away from inquisitive pets or kids. Via Sisoo. Wine bottles are one of the most elegant materials you can use for your succulent planters as they give a classic and vintage look to the decor. make your desert succulent garden more spectacular, 25 Spectacular Desert Garden Design Ideas, 25 Modern And Chic Front Yard Design Ideas, How To Display Succulents: 59 Cute Examples, 51 Awesome Ways To Use Christmas Balls and Ornaments In Decor, 55 Ways To Use IKEA Besta Units In Home Décor, Small Prefab Huga House For Off-The-Grid Living, 55 Cool IKEA Kura Beds Ideas For Your Kids’ Rooms, 50 Grey Floor Design Ideas That Fit Any Room. It is quite easy to modify any plastic bottle by just a few simple cuts and changes. Use rock mulch in succulent garden designs to retain heat around plants and enhance drainage. One of the most effective ways to create a succulent garden design is to blend these quirky plants with rocks. Luckily, the holy grail of succulents known as Pinterest is full of creative ideas how to take your succulents game to the next level. Display your succulents with style Also Read: Driftwood Planter Ideas. Here are 30 creative ideas for up-cycled and easy DIY planters, provided by clever crafters. Tree Stump Planter. With a little time and effort, the simple mugs and pots can be turned to an exclusive planter for your favourite succulents. Create a low maintenance driftwood succulent planter in less than an hour. All you need is soil, clay mud, dry and fresh moss, and twine. You can find a mix of indoor and outdoor ideas to brighten your home or garden. Easy Chair Planter with Succulents and Lavender Part of the charm is in finding creative containers for your mini container gardens. Succulent Planter Ideas Vertical Wall Hanging Succulent Planter. Place it with your cup of coffee for the perfect look. Succulent garden with light pebbles in bird bath planter. Give an all new purpose to those mason jars lying around in your storage by transforming them into little planters for your succulents. Put your plants in the holes of the driftwood pieces and display all the gorgeous planters in your setting. Old plastic bottles can be transformed to various different items, one of them being a succulent planter. Succulents are unique and eye-catching plants that deserve a vessel that matches their interesting charm. These DIY succulent planter ideas are so creative and fun you won’t be able to resist whipping up a few of your own! You can make different patterns and faces for each pot. To make it, just plant the succulents in a tray that has holes on sides to hang (or drill a few holes). These fresh DIY succulent planter ideas are all you will need to create your own your own garden! colorful succulents in orange, green, purple and grey combined with some rocks for a cool look, go for large agaves as show-stoppers, add smaller succulents in various colors and textures, make a statement with a large succulent in some bold color, like here - a bold green one accented with purple succulents, succulents line up the steps and rock steps add chic to the plants, especially bold grene plants between the steps, succulents may also be growing in the stones if they are large enough for that, plant oversized and bright succulents as centerpieces and rock smaller and paler pieces around, large containers may be also used for growing your succulents and cacti, if it's cold, just take them inside, such container gardening is also a cool idea, mix up several different succulents in pots, mix up various succulents with larger and smaller pebbles and rocks for a more natural landscape, accent your succulents in the containers with colorful glass pebbles like these ones, rock same terra cotta pots with various succulents to give your garden a more cohesive look, combine several different textures, heights, sizes and colors to make your desert succulent garden more spectacular, a vintage run with various succulents including cascading ones is a cool decor idea with a touch of chic, a large dark-colored succulent is accented even more with light green ones around, a green pot with green and purple succulents is a clever idea to provide proper drainage, stone pots like these ones will give an industrial feel to the space with a modern touch, a concrete bowl with larger and smaller succulents and cascading ones going down, a chic succulent garden with sand, pebbles and various types of succulents in beautiful shades, BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.