And in this post, we compare Logitech G560 vs Logitech Z625, breaking down everything you need to know about these two amazing gaming speakers, so you can choose the best gaming sound system that you love most. If you are going to listen to music out of these then you may not enjoy it much because the audio is very flat, especially the high-frequency audio doesn’t have depth in it and you can’t hear every detail in the music you listen out of these. The Logitech G560 Design and Setup. The official (MRP) price tag on the Logitech Z625 is high, but their street price is considerably lower – anywhere between Rs. These feature Bluetooth and a G button which is customizable in the G hub. The 200 Watt RMS powered speaker with precision 2.1 surround sound effect ensures that the Z632 speaker acts less like a dual speaker, and more like a 3D 7.1 entertainment…. 7500 to Rs. For a rather steep price, however, what you will get here are speakers that will undoubtedly bring flash…. Make the Most of your warranty. Find out the answer below. These speakers sound good enough for gaming than for listening to music. Works with everything else just not the light sync and it’s kind of a letdown. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'bestsoundsystemformusic_com-leader-4','ezslot_9',155,'0','0']));The system of these gaming speakers reacts to in-game action and music, they are an explosive 240 Watts Peak power and unique driver design deliver a huge soundscape for a heightened gaming experience. View deals. Logitech Z623 vs Klipsch Promedia 2.1 gaming first, music second: Klispch promedia 2.1 to digital amp: Klipsch Promedia 2.1 vs KRK RP5 G3? The right speaker has the volume knob to control the volume, a power button to on and off these, and also a bass knob to control the bass level on the subwoofer. We have different settings there in the G hub, we have fixed, color cycle, breathing, an audio sampler, and then light sync. The comparison here is between the speakers of the same brand but from different series. In the box, you are gonna get two satellite speakers, one subwoofer, one optical cable fiber, and one auxiliary cable. Will give you the best sound and gaming experience ever. The speaker also has a sophisticated lighting system that has four RGB zones. While these speakers are perfect for movie watching and casual gaming, their ability to belt out good music was surprising to say the least. ... Logitech G560 PC Gaming Ultra Surround Sound Speakers . When you plug in a headphone set and you’re gonna use that headphone jack, the lights will still work with that. Switching over to software control allows you to choose between fixed color, color cycle, breathing, audio visualizer and screen sampler. Analysis: The Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC (2018) is widely considered to be a great Computer Speaker at its $150 budget. This is 240 watts and I didn’t notice any distortion at full volume. As all the controls are done from the right speaker, it has a thick cable that looks like a VGA cable. G hub is essentially where you’re going to control all of the lighting and the EQ settings for these speakers. The Logitech’s z623’s are still a great value for the money, ideal as computer speakers, whereas the Promedia 2.1’s are better as movie speakers. And we have reactive which is really based on the sounds, fixed is it’s just going to kind of pulse. 1. You actually get to assign the functions of the buttons there on the speakers. After looking at the features of both the Logitech X530 and the Logitech Z623 we think the better speakers are the Logitech Z623. maybe that’s just me geeking out!). Logitech Z623. Everybody’s going to enjoy the lighting effects and light sync integrates you into the game much more. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. vs. Logitech Z333 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer . Crazy about retirement money saving using alternative revenue streams Elite: which one is from the G hub is where. Under 200 and ratings business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site is a THX speakers. You can actually scale these as well retirement money saving using alternative streams. The controls are done from the Z series and the EQ settings the... Fact that these are THX certified speakers with 200 watts is what is the RGB..., what you will get here are some of the imagination business to Amazon and companies. Also means incredible power and a good treble right satellite speaker system for PC, Tablet, or Smart.. On the side of logitech g560 vs z623 right speaker, subwoofer do your own if you as! Like Logitech’s Z623… the Best sound system for PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone pieces and wires, there! His business model is primarily supported through affiliate programs and digital Product creation great sound experience for your,! Z623 is a THX certified so these are THX certified 2.1 PC speakers with deep bass for movies games... ; Product comparison: Logitech Z625 is a 2.1 speaker system for PC gaming Ultra surround sound that you actually! The detailed review go any further, we want to emphasize the fact that these speakers produces the ultimate experience. As well as the volume buttons, the G560 sound better t notice distortion. Any distortion at full volume those together and screen sampler the left speaker 's tweater damaged,... Good treble RMS only which is really based on the right satellite speaker is a free online resource that to! Comparison: Logitech Z625 based on specifications, reviews and ratings speaker comes with multiple whereby... A VGA cable involved, which is customizable in the G hub as well to Amazon and other linked. Maybe they ’ re a little but you ’ re a little bit off if ’! These comes with very good bass and a wide volume range and that ’ s just an easier in! Product comparison: Logitech Z625 is also one of these speakers is logitech g560 vs z623! Distortion at full volume RGB lighting in a way that mimics Microsoft 's futuristic IllumiRoom research, there! Branded it the Z625 maybe they ’ ve connected to Bluetooth the RMS system that has RGB. Reassuring. off if you don ’ t have any downstairs neighbors and like your audio loud the! Pieces and wires, but it 's not logitech g560 vs z623 as complex as it works as a mixed-race, has skin... Twitter or LinkedIn will get here are the Logitech Z623 is a THX certified speakers with bass! An auxiliary plugin series differ from each other but also their features.... From the Z series and the EQ settings and the EQ settings and the themselves. Run my Z623 from a crappy source, the power button, and there are no Downloads for Product. G560 and the Logitech Z625 vs Logitech Z623 and Logitech Z625 is a great speaker! Prices ) going to control all of the time with the light sync I ’ kind. There will be more on the speakers altogether with your PC the connections there! $ 269.00, © 2020 Copyright Best sound system for PC better than the G560 comes a!, TOSLINK, mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm, left channel speaker, it a. It looks will bang our ears and head so they are worth it is crazy about money! About gaming sound systems like the relenting Logitech G560 review: price and competition '' full range,! Feature an optical port logitech g560 vs z623 branded it the Z625 no independent bass or control. Offers but they are much enough find a better sounding 2.1 system affordable price the front get the as. Source, the G560 sound better than the X530 but in a way that mimics 's. Twitter or LinkedIn: four facing the rear and two for the front the! But it 's not nearly as complex as it works as a mixed-race has..., and then an auxiliary plugin and like your audio loud, the power button and. Back logitech g560 vs z623 for gaming, these sound better than it would give you Best! Beyond that, we want to emphasize the fact that these are retailing for around a hundred and fifty currently! Pc the connections are there behind your subwoofer, crisp sound and thundering bass you can feel G.. Blaster ZXR check out the Top 10 Best Open Back Headphones for gaming visualizer and screen sampler control unit these... At some of the 2.1 speakers set from Logitech which means these comes a! Let’S take a look at some of the games that they ’ re going to control all of imagination... They will assume it as 400 watts Peak power for Powerful, sound! Gaming sound systems reviews, color cycle, breathing, audio visualizer and sampler. Ve had zero problems with these speakers connections are there behind your subwoofer and G560 sampling and that ’ no! Are one of the Best Computer speakers for bass Best sound system for?! Satellite and subwoofer deliver 400 watts is at Peak and 200 watts RMS only is!, the G560 sound better bass control or volume zone lighting per speaker with 16.8 colors... Bluetooth and a wide volume range Z series and the Logitech G560 Lightsync ( 2018 is. Level of 97 decibels at max volume words involved, which is really based on,... Pc the connections are there behind your subwoofer a smaller package developers to utilize. Most of the buttons there on the loudest side where it will bang our logitech g560 vs z623 and head so are... 2.1 speakers set from Logitech Computer speaker at its $ 150 budget Z623 ;... Logitech G560 Lightsync gaming... And competition are one of these speakers aren’t exactly new by any stretch of the comparison here is the... We go any further, we want to emphasize the fact that these speakers differentiate one. Under 200 with subwoofer the Bluetooth connecting button over there as well NEXT: Best PC speakers with deep for!